Funny MySpace Quotes Generators
Funny Computer Quotes Generator
Computer Quotes GeneratorPut some funny computer quotes on your MySpace profile with the computer quotes generator. A new computer joke every few seconds that will make geeks, nerds, and all of your friends laugh.
Funny Family Guy Quotes Generator
Family Guy Quotes GeneratorGrab the Family Guy quote generator and add funny sayings and quotes from the most popular family in Quahog. Random Family Guy quotes from Peter Griffin, Brian, Stewie, Lois, Meg, Chris, and other characters.
Funny Pickup Lines Generator
Pickup Lines Quotes GeneratorThe pickup line quote generator gives you a supply of funny pickup lines that you should probably never use. Just copy the generator code and add it to your MySpace profile. Pickup lines that are guaranteed not to work!
Yo Momma Funny Quotes Generator
Yo Momma Quotes GeneratorYo momma so fat..., yo moma so ugly..., yo momma so poor..., and other funny jokes from the Yo Momma funny quotes generator. Add Mr. T and an assortment of yo moma insults to your MySpace layout.