MySpace Flash Games
Glitter Memory Flash Game
Glitter Memory Flash GameThe classic game of concentration and memory with cool glitter graphics. Add the Glitter Memory flash game to your MySpace profile and put your brain to the test.
Jigsaw Puzzle Maker

MySpace Puzze MakerCreate a jigsaw puzzle for your MySpace profile. You have the option of using a ready-made image or uploading one of your own.

Pigeon Hunter Flash Game
Pigeon Hunter Flash GameDestroy the aerial menace that plagues the skies in the Pigeon Hunter flash game for MySpace. Just add the code to your profile and be ready to shoot down flocks of pesky pigeons.
Pong Flash Game
Pong Flash GameGet the classic video game for your MySpace profile with the Pong flash game. Have fun with this simple yet entertaining game of table tennis. Two paddles. One bouncing ball. Pong.
Virtual Bubble Wrap
Virtual Bubble WrapPopping virtual bubble wrap is strangely addictive. Pop the bubbles in the online bubble wrap game to relieve tension. Use manic mode to quickly pop lots of bubbles. Virtual bubble wrap is a silly time waster that you can add to your MySpace profile.