MySpace Comment Generators
Bubble Comment Generator
Bubble Comment GeneratorHave some fun with the bubble comment generator for MySpace. Design a cool comment with your choice of text, font, colors, and custom message. Add the fun bubbles to your MySpace profile or comment your friends with animated bubble graphics.
Fire Comment Generator
Fire Comment GeneratorAdd some heat when you message friends with the MySpace fire comment generator. Create a hot comment with animated fire, your own message, and a choice of different colors and text styles. Then send it as a MySpace comment or use it as a fiery addition to your profile layout.
Glowing Ball Comment Generator
Glowing Ball Comment GeneratorThe glowing ball comment generator lets you create custom messages to send as comments or add to your layout. Just create your message, choose from different sizes, fonts, and colors of the text, and copy the code for the glowing ball.
Graffiti Comment Generator
Graffiti Comment GeneratorTag your MySpace profile or send a cool message with the graffiti comment generator. Pick from dozens of sweet backgrounds, graffiti text, and colors. Then design your personalized comment and copy the graffiti code. Tagging made easy.
Haunting Lights Comment Generator
Haunting Lights Comment GeneratorSend some eerie messages with the haunting lights comment generator. Design your unique comment with a custom saying, font, and colors. Then copy the haunting lights comment code and send it to friends or add it to your MySpace profile.
Hellfire Comment Generator
Hellfire Comment GeneratorCreate an evil and furious message with the hellfire comment generator for MySpace. Put your custom message in front of animated hellfire and place the code on your profile or use it as a devilish comment.
Plasma Comment Generator
Plasma Comment GeneratorUse the plasma comment generator to create an original comment with a sc-fi theme. Create your message, pick the font, size and color, and place the animated plasma comment code on your MySpace layout or send it to friends.
Time Warp Comment Generator
Time Warp Comment GeneratorCreate a purple time tunnel with a special message using the time warp comment generator. Choose from different fonts, colors, sizes, and positions and send the animated time warp to friends or place it on your MySpace profile.
Wiggle Ball Comment Generator
Wiggle Ball Comment GeneratorTry out this cool Wiggle Ball comment generator for MySpace. Its an elastic ball that you can send to all of your friends or add to your layout. You can edit the colors of the text, background, and ball. Then create a custom message and edit the font, size, and position of your unique comment.