MySpace Code Generators
Fortune Cookie Generator
Fortune Cookie MySpace GeneratorAdd a fortune cookie to your MySpace profile. You can create any message you like with the generator.
Fridge Magnets

MySpace Fridge MagnetsPut some fridge magnets on your MySpace page with this generator. You and your friends can put messages on the fridge which can be saved for others to see.

Lava Lamp Generator

MySpace Lava LampAdd some flair to your MySpace profile with the lava lamp generator. You can change the color of the glass, gel, and lamp and change other effects.

MySpace For Dummies

MySpace For DummiesThe MySpace for Dummies generator allows you to create your own book cover. You can edit the size, title, author and more.

MySpace Map Generator

MySpace Map LocatorShow your friends where you live using the MySpace map generator. Just put in your address and customize the map to your liking.

Sexy Tattoo Maker
Sexy Girls Tattoo MakerCreate a cool message for your MySpace profile using the sexy tattoo maker. Create a custom message. Pick from dozens of tattoos. Select one of fifty sexy girls. Then copy the tattoo maker code to your layout.
T-Shirt Graphic Generator
T-shirt GeneratorCreate a custom t-shirt with this generator. You can change the style, color, symbol, text and size of the graphic code before adding it to your MySpace profile.
Tombstone Image Generator
Tombstone GeneratorAdd a tombstone image to your MySpace profile. The generator allows you to edit the symbol and text of the graphic.