Cool Comments

Cool comments for MySpace with sweet graphics of fantasy, sci-fi, gambling, graffiti, pirates, egyptian art, tribal patterns, and more.
  • Olympics Comments
    12 Images
    Go for the gold when you support all the amazing athletes with these Olympic comments.
  • Wiccan Comments
    12 Images
    Show some Wicca pride with Wiccan comments about nature based rituals and religion.
  • Asian Comments
    14 Images
    Asian comments and graphics with beautful graphics and designs.
  • African American Comments
    12 Images
    African American comments with cool graphics and hot messages.
  • Cowboy - Western Comments
    12 Images
    Say howdy partner with comments of cool cowboys and western graphics.
  • Egyptian Comments
    13 Images
    Send egyptian comments with pyramids, pharoahs, and the sphinx to make your friends feel special.
  • Latin Comments
    12 Images
    Cool comments with wonderful latin graphics and messages.
  • Medieval Comments
    12 Images
    Display knights and castles on your profile when you use these exciting medieval comments.
  • Native American Comments
    12 Images
    Native American comments full of beautiful graphics and messages.
  • Pirate Comments
    12 Images
    Say ahoy to your shipmates and friends with cool pirate comments.
  • Tribal Comments
    12 Images
    Tribal comments with cool graphics of tribal artwork, patterns, and tattoos.
  • Slot Machine Comments
    24 Images
    Everyone wins when cool messages appear on animated slot machine comments.
  • Money Comments
    12 Images
    Cool graphics about the almighty dollar are on these money comments.
  • Graffiti Comments
    12 Images
    Graffiti comments with cool graphics, messages, and graffiti text.
  • Gambling Comments
    12 Images
    Get ready to win big with cool graphics on these gambling comments.
  • Playboy Bunny Comments
    12 Images
    Playboy logo graphics on a variety of sexy Playboy Bunny comments.
  • Harley Davidson Comments
    12 Images
    If you love cruising the highway on your motorcycle, these Harley Davidson comments are for you.
  • Fantasy Comments
    36 Images
    Magical fantasy comments for your profile and friends with cool graphics of fairies, dragons, wizards, unicorns, and elves.
  • Sci-Fi Comments
    18 Images
    Send some cool sci-fi comments to your friends or add them to your page. Science fiction messages with aliens, space ships, flying saucers, and other out of this world graphics.
  • Gay Pride Comments
    18 Images
    Help spread the message that everyone should be proud of their sexual orientation with these gay pride comments.