Daily Comments

A variety of cool MySpace comments for each day of the week. There are funny graphics, cartoons, cute quotes and sayings.
  • Happy Saturday Comments
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    Spread some fun with these Happy Saturday MySpace comments. Grab some cute graphics of puppies, kittens, Betty Boop, Garfield, and more.
  • Happy Sunday Comments
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    Happy Sunday comments for MySpace.  Have a relaxing day with cute graphics that you can send to all of your friends.
  • Happy Monday Comments
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    Happy Monday MySpace comments that you can send to your friends. There are graphics of animals, cartoons and funny pictures.
  • Happy Tuesday Comments
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    Happy Tuesday comments for MySpace with cute graphics to cheer up all your friends.
  • Happy Hump Day - Wednesday Comments
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    Make sure everyone has a happy hump day with some cool Wednesday MySpace comment graphics.
  • Happy Thursday Comments
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    Happy Thursday comments for MySpace that you can send to all of your friends.
  • TGIF - Happy Friday Comments
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    TGIF! Thank god its Friday! Share your excitement with these happy Friday MySpace comments.
  • Have a Nice Weekend Comments
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    Help everyone have a good weekend with some happy weekend comments for MySpace.