Greetings and Goodbye Comments

Say hi, hello, good morning, good night, goodbye, and farewell with these fun greetings comments.
  • Pass It On - Chain Letter Comments
    17 Images
    Cool chain letter comments with hot messages that you pass around to friends and loved ones.
  • Good Morning Comments
    25 Images
    Good morning comments to wish all of your friends a great start to their day.
  • Good Night Comments
    24 Images
    Wish your friends sweet dreams with cute bed time graphics on these good night comments.
  • Goodbye Comments
    21 Images
    Goodbye comments with cute graphic messages to bid your friends farewell.
  • Have a Nice Day Comments
    110 Images
    Help make sure everyone has a great day with a cute have a nice day comment for MySpace.
  • Hi - Hello Comments
    219 Images
    Say hi to all of your friends with some funny sayings and cute graphics with one of these hello MySpace comments.